Overview of MUWRP and PEPFAR

Opening of a Circumcision Clinic

MUWRP has been working in Uganda to provide HIV care, treatment, and prevention services since 2005.  The goals of the MUWRP PEPFAR Program are to build the infrastructure, capacity and systems of local public and private partners in central Uganda to ensure sustainable, high-quality and comprehensive HIV services for communities that have participated or could participate in research studies.

Since 2005, MUWRP has increased its PEPFAR support to the Kayunga and Mukono Districts by supporting cross-cutting HIV programs including:

  • Expanding the number of HIV clinical sites
  • Providing efficient laboratory capacity
  • Infrastructure remodeling
  • District-level data system strengthening
  • Supply-chain management strengthening
  • Human capacity development
  • Innovative task shifting
  • Youth-focused programs
  • Short-term technical staffing
  • Comprehensive home-based OVC services
  • A variety of counseling and testing and prevention programs including medical male circumcision and house-to-house testing

MUWRP manages only data-driven programs from on-going program monitoring and evaluation. Finally, It’s strong emphasis on efficiency have helped MUWRP achieve improved economies in procurement, highly coordinated service delivery and expanded coverage of programs with low marginal costs.