HIV Care and Treatment

Clinic nurse

MUWRP offers HIV Care and Treatment Services in Uganda. HIV Care and Treatment services have been brought closer to the Ugandan community,as a result MUWRP has Expanded the number of HIV/ART Clinic sites from one to seven in Uganda. This includes  HIV Care and Treatment sites specifically geared for youth, two sites specifically serving fishing communities thus representing MUWRP’s expansion into Mukono District.

By the beginning of April 2009:

  • 1536 patients actively receiving ART supported
  • 3,363 HIV+ clients receiving palliative care

MUWRP has renovated five clinics for HIV Care and Treatment purposes.These HIV Care and Treatment Clinics  are now operating at full capacity with more counseling and clinic rooms. The clinics include:

  • Kayunga District Hospital
  • Bbaale Health Center IV
  • Galiraya Health Center III
  • Kojja Health Center IV
  • Koome Health Centre IV

The MUWRP PEPFAR Program supports a tracing program of ART eligible patients who never successfully started ART or were lost to follow-up. Data suggests that both the tracing program and the expansion of ART clinic sites contributed to recapturing some of the patients who have been unable to successfully start ART and were deemed lost-to-follow-up.

Treatment Clubs

As per HIV Care and Treatment in Uganda, MUWRP supports treatment  clubs in all seven clinics and supports two civil society organizations that promote Positive living for HIV+ persons, prevention, training and offer services for orphans. Instead of providing direct food aid to patients receiving HIV Care and Treatment in Uganda, MUWRP supports treatment clubs to grow their own food through small nutrition farms and income generation farms. MUWRP initially supported each club by helping them with;

  • Organization
  • Registration
  • Provision of initial start-up costs, materials and oxen

Collectively, the clubs now have 29 acres of productive farmland and are largely self-reliant. A full-time MUWRP staff member is dedicated to working with the small farms. Additionally, a  Peace Corps volunteer helps the farm clubs on permaculture, smaller individually run farm plots and the distribution of pigs and chickens using the send-a-cow model.

Clinic Staffing

Because clinic staffing is expected to always be an issue, MUWRP supports task-shifting and training activities at each clinic. This includes task-shifting down to the volunteer patient level.  MUWRP supports dedicated expert volunteer patients to:

  • Work with data
  • Distribute basic care packages
  • Follow-up lost-to-follow-up patients in their homes

Additional Support

MUWRP provides support to the District that includes:

  • HIV test kits
  • Clinical supplies
  • Trainings for District Health staff in ART, palliative care, ART logistics management, reproductive health, HIV counseling, HIV nutrition, stigma and discrimination, adherence counseling, preventing HIV related violence in communities, circumcision, routine counseling and testing, and strategic information
  • Supportive supervision (doctors, nurses, counselors, and clinical officers)