Prevention Programs

Abstinence and Be Faithful Prevention and Other Prevention Programs (AB and OP)

As part of the expanded MUWRP PEPFAR Program in 2007, a formal HIV Prevention Program was inaugurated that has provided district-wide HIV Prevention activities and coordination. Residents are routinely exposed to HIV prevention issues, condom distribution, services such as reproductive health, and messages pertaining to: ART adherence, sexual and non-sexual HIV transmission, ABC prevention, post-exposure prophylaxis, positive living, couples counseling, reproductive health services,  stigma and discrimination, IEC materials, condom use, HIV violence and gender issues, tradition male norm issues, the availability/importance of ART, location of nearest HIV clinics, and pediatric HIV issues.

These messages are disseminated through radio, market place loud speakers, print, posters, four billboards, weekly drama presentations (including drama competitions), health fairs, sporting competitions and through the Kayunga youth center. Services are especially provided to underserved/at-risk communities, such as youth and fishing villages.

In 2010, MUWRP accepted a full-time PEPFAR fellow who has been working to prevent HIV infection with discordant couples identified through the HIV clinical sites.  Further, this fellow is assessing the quality level of counseling routinely given to patients at MUWRP-supported HIV clinics before they begin anti-retroviral therapy.