Medical Male Circumcision

Medical Male Circumcision

In July 2009 MUWRP implemented Uganda’s first non-research safe medical male circumcision (MMC) program at the Kayunga District Hospital. Implementation of this service included:

  • Training
  • Creation of MUWRP MMC program policy and procedures, quality assurance guidelines
  • Support of clinical tools, provision of equipment and commodities
  • Establishment of a target population-specific messaging program that included billboards, radio talk-shows, posters, market-place announcements, drama groups, and weekly community outreach and sensitization
  • Completion of an MMC basic program evaluation of the first 300 service participants and a community survey to gauge pre-post MMC sensitization knowledge attitudes and behaviors
  • Remodeling of a minor surgical theatre for performing Medical Male Circumcision surgeries

Using data from the basic program evaluation, MUWRP developed a clinical ledger tool. The aim of this tool is to greatly reduce paperwork for clinicians by allowing them to record all (WHO recommended) surgical, pre- and post-clinical information in one book.

HIV testing and counseling is provided for every patient, as well as pre and post-operative sexual risk reduction counseling, assessment and/or treatment of STIs, strong promotion of consistent use of condoms, counseling on the need for abstinence from sexual activity during wound healing, wound care instructions and post-operative clinical assessments and care.

Additional Circumcision Services
In 2010, an additional surgical theatre was renovated at the Kojja Health Center IV in Mukono and MUWRP supported the launch of the MMC program for Mukono District. Additionally, the United States PEPFAR Program awarded MUWRP’s Medical Male Circumcision Program an additional grant to establish a second Uganda MMC training center, specifically to help roll out MMC services in Eastern Ugandan clinics. This training center is the first in Uganda to offer MMC for neonates.

Mobile Circumcision Clinic
Finally, in order to offer Medical Male Circumcision services to hard-to-reach, high-risk men, MUWRP launched a mobile Medical Male Circumcision clinic in December 2010. This mobile clinic was customized in South Africa and is designed to offer Medical Male Circumcision services to under served communities, such as fishing villages, with full-time staff 5 days a week. The Program plans to perform 6,000 circumcisions during 2011.