Strategic Information

MUWRP has supported the development of tools for its District partners for collecting data from patient clinics and service organizations and established a data system which enables the District to plan and report required indicators.

Along these lines, MUWRP provides computers, training and Internet access to four District health officials and to the Kayunga District Hospital. This was done to allow for:

(1) easy electronic communication between stakeholders;

(2) the District HMIS focal person to report required health indicators electronically to the Uganda Ministry of Health; and

(3) logistic managers at the hospital to file drug and commodity reports/requests electronically with the National Medical Stores.

Recently, MUWRP supported the implementation of a District Health Information System for Kayunga District, which has served as a model for all of the Districts of Uganda. Toward this end, MUWRP supported computer engineers to come to Uganda to program and customize an HMIS program/database for Kayunga District.  This was done in a bid to allow the District HMIS focal person to capture all District health indicators and transfer them electronically to the Ministry of Health. No other Districts in Uganda currently have this capability.  In 2011, the main SI goals are to expand the DHIS to Mukono District and pilot test a customized electronic medical records (EMR) system at the Kayunga District Hospital. The EMR will link all patient data, including clinical, laboratory, pharmacy and other departments into one electronic record.