The MUWRP laboratory has well trained and highly qualified professionals. Our state of the art research and clinical facility serves as a training center for clinical labs, diagnostics, molecular biology, cellular immunology, PBMC processing and quality management systems. In addition, the centre supports professional development by offering mentorship, academic and research support in post graduate training (MSc and PhD) as well as support to abstract, manuscript and grants writing at the local and international levels. Read more here






MUWRP scientists and partners are part of a robust International medical research initiative focused on combating infectious disease threats. The program has made many contributions to public health in Uganda, including studies on a vaccine for Ebola / Marburg, surveillance of other emerging infectious disease threats and successful completion of many HIV cohort and vaccine studies. Read more here


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RV144 Studies in Thailand Shed Light on Additional Boosts

    RV144 Studies in Thailand Shed Light on Additional Boosts
 MHRP researchers have determined that the most effective boost is when both ALVAC and AIDSVAX are  given together, or when AIDSVAX is given alone. Researchers have also found that the late boosts in this study, given six to eight years after initial vaccination, are also producing some surprising and promising immune responses. Studies are ongoing to characterize these responses, along with analysis of host genetic factors that may play a role.



  1. mhrp

Post RV144: A year in review
Each May, communities around the globe observe HIV Vaccine Awareness Day to recognize clinical trial volunteers, scientists and others who are working together to find a safe and effective preventive HIV vaccine. To mark the occasion, we highlight the the most recent accomplishments that build on the success of the RV144 trial. The largest and only successful trial to date, RV144 or the “Thai Trial,” showed that a vaccine regimen reduced the risk of infection by 31%. Vaccine efficacy peaked early—about 60% —at 12 months, after which it declined quickly.


  1. exchange2

MHRP to Join the HVTN and ACTG Networks as an NIH-funded Clinical Trials Unit

The U.S. Military HIV Research Program has been selected as a Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) with four clinical research sites that will receive funding from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to continue HIV vaccine and therapeutics research. MHRP will conduct research as part of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) and AIDS Clincal Trials Group (ACTG), which it has already been a part of since 2008. The HVTN and ACTG are two of !ve Clinical Trials Networks directed and funded by NIAID that work together to address NIAID’s HIV/AIDS scienti!c priorities.

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