The mandate of Makerere University is to provide higher education, promote research and advance learning and disseminate knowledge.

As a research-driven university, Makerere University focuses on knowledge production to support evidence-based decision making and power the growth of Uganda’s economy.

One of Makerere University’s strategic objectives is to promote increased joint research, technology, innovation and transfer initiatives to address stakeholder needs.

In order to effectively deliver on its mandate, the University places great emphasis on the creation of strategic partnerships for Research, service to community,as well as for teaching and learning. While majority of such partnerships are with development partners, a number are formed with public as well as private institutions.Read Full Statement Here

U.S. Navy funds study on sepsis

Know_Sepsis_t580BETHESDA, Md., March 5 (UPI) — The Naval Medical Logistics Command has entered a cooperative agreement with a Maryland-based medical foundation for research into severe sepsis. Under the five-year, $34 million agreement, the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine will partner with Duke University, George Mason University and University of Washington and the Makerere University Walter Reed Project in Uganda to support the research project. Read Full Article Here.

‘Non-Surgical’ Circumcission starts next month

prepexA male circumcision procedure which does not involve surgery and is considered to be bloodless is to be implemented starting next month. Health experts are positive the new circumcision method, dubbed PrePex, will positively compliment the ‘traditional’  surgical method, as the country ups the ante in safe male circumcision (SMC) to avert HIV incidences. In 2007, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended SMC as one of the interventions in the fight against HIV, after trials in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa showed it reduces the risk of female-to-male sexual transmission of the virus by about 60%. Read Full Article Here:


09122013596MUWRP and Mukono DHT planed and commemorated WAD on the 9 Dec, 2013 at Mukono Youth Centre grounds. The guest of honor was the Mukono woman member of parliament: Hon. Peace Kusasira. This day was marked in style with the following goals and objectives; To re-engage the community in HIV/AIDS prevention activities and awareness campaign and to promote couple counseling.

The following was done to meet the above goals;

Community mobilization, Invited other partners to join us on this day and offer HIV/AIDS related services;  Safe Male Circumcission, HIV Counseling and Testing, Condom education and distribution,  Cancer of the Cervix, education and screening,  Blood donation, Tree planting around the youth center grounds among others.

The partners who participated included: The Peace Corps, MJAP, Nakasero Blood Bank, Child Care and Youth Empowerment Foundation (CCAYEF) and Mukono CoU Hospital.

The day was altogether a success.