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Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance

In 2015, MUWRP renovated a laboratory at Bombo Military Hospital and supported the laboratory at Bwera district hospital to enhance antimicrobial resistance work also under the GEIS program that provides additional diagnostic capabilities for clinicians and additional skills for the lab personnel.

MUWRP is collecting data on antibacterial resistance around Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) for key clinical bacterial pathogens, which will help contain and combat the emergence and spread of resistance and its clinical and societal consequences. The study targets several clinically significant bacterial pathogens of public health importance to the country and the wider region.

  • MUWRP developed a Laboratory assessment tool to detect microbial resistant infections, which is being used at the General Military Hospital Bombo and Bwera Hospital in Kasese district.
  • MUWRP also held a stakeholder’s consultative meeting to determine the pathogens of public health importance to the country.