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A globally effective HIV vaccine, along with other proven prevention techniques, would enable us to control the HIV pandemic.

MUWRP has successfully completed many HIV cohort and vaccine studies, which have advanced our understanding of HIV subtypes and disease progression in the region. By building infrastructure and increasing the capabilities of local public and private partners, MUWRP also helps ensure quality services for communities participating in vaccine research and HIV cohort studies.

Ongoing HIV Vaccine Trials:


Phase 1 clinical trial that is evaluating the safety and Immunogenicity of a homologous Ad26 Mosaic Vector regimens, or Ad26 Mosaic and MVA Mosaic heterologous vector regimens, with high dose/low dose/no clade C gp140 protein plus adjuvant for HIV prevention. These products are given in eight different regimen to identify the most promising regimen which will proceed to efficacy testing. The study is funded by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, part of J&J, and is being conducted in over 5 different countries in Africa and the United States of America. The study is fully enrolled and subjects are in the follow up phase.