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The Joint Mobile Emerging Disease Intervention Clinical Capability (JMEDICC) program is a collaboration between U.S. and Ugandan researchers. JMEDICC provides a platform for clinical trials in filoviruses during an outbreak setting. The JMEDICC program is establishing a pilot demonstration of the capabilities at Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital, in Kabarole District. This platform includes establishing an Isolation, strengthening the hospital laboratories to provide services beyond traditional hospitals in Africa, training staff in advanced supportive care and scientific rigor, conducting clinical research on sepsis and establishing mobile capabilities to conduct clinical research during an outbreak anywhere in the country.

This platform will allow for rapid response to test the new therapeutics or medical countermeasures during the next Filovirus outbreak. MUWRP is the coordinating entity in Uganda and works closely with the Infectious Diseases Institute.

The JMEDICC capabilities will be established through a three-phase approach:

1) Conduct an observational Sepsis Study in order understand severe infectious disease causative pathogens, clinical manifestations, response to treatment, and host response as it begins to build a continuous base of severe infectious disease clinical research operations and training.

2) Conduct a Sepsis Clinical Management Intervention Trial to assess the efficacy of optimized clinical management algorithms and to contribute to improved standards of care for management of sepsis (encompassing all severe infectious disease) in Uganda.

3) Conduct Mobile Investigational New Drug (IND) Clinical Trial to evaluate the safety (and partial efficacy data) of IND products in patients who are ill with filovirus disease.