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To be a leading biomedical research organization for better health


To mitigate disease threats through quality health research, disease surveillance and health systems strengthening.

Institution Pillars

  1. Research and Surveillance
  2. Health Systems Strengthening for Service delivery
  3. Organizational Development
  4. Partnerships and Resource Mobilization

Strategic Objectives

  1. To strengthen and diversify research and surveillance focus within and beyond the current areas .
  2. To enhance health systems strengthening using research results, global health guidelines and other
    health innovations.
  3. To improve visibility, and public relations for MUWRP
  4. To enhance governance, leadership and management of MUWRP
  5. To mobilize adequate resources for strategy implementation through new and existing partnerships

Core Values

In pursuit of its mission, MUWRP will be guided by the following values:

Excellence: MUWRP is committed to high ethical standards in its research and in delivery of its services. Excellence will enhance the quality of MUWRP’s products and services and position the organization in a leading position.

Integrity: All MUWRP personnel are expected to be truthful, reliable, and accountable for their actions.

Teamwork: Collective understanding of the strategy, sharing of responsibility and benefits and mutual support to each other in implementation of planned activities.

Management of MUWRP

The Board of Directors is the highest governing body of MUWRP and is composed of the following stakeholders:-

  1. Four founder members
  2. A representative of Makerere University
  3. A representative of Henry Jackson Foundation
  4. A representative of the research community
  5. An eminent member of society with vast experience in law and financial matters
  6. A community member
  7. Executive director/Board secretary

The day to day management of the Project is entrusted to the Executive Management (EM) that is composed of the following:

  • The Chair, EM
  • Senior Scientists
  • The WRAIR Country Program Director
  • The Executive Director
  • Deputy Executive Director
  • The Laboratory Director
  • The Director, Finance and Administration
  • The PEPFAR Program Director

The work of the above named persons is complimentary but each person is expected to perform their duties and responsibilities in order for the Project to achieve its set objectives.