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In 2009, MUWRP and the U.S. Military HIV Research Program launched the first Ebola vaccine clinical trial conducted in Africa, using an early-generation DNA vaccine candidate developed by the Vaccine Research Center (VRC), RV247.

MUWRP also conducted a long-term follow up study with the survivors of the 2007-08 Bundibugyo ebolavirus (BDBV) outbreak in Uganda. Results show that survivors experienced negative health effects that persisted more than two years after the outbreak claimed 39 lives.

Ebola Trials

  • First Ebola vaccine clinical trial in Africa in 2009 (NIH/VRC); published in The Lancet, December 2014
  • Phase 1b clinical trial testing ChAd3 vaccine (co-developed by the NIH/VRC and GlaxoSmithKine), ongoing
  • Largest, long-term follow up study on Ebola survivors from 2007-08 Bundibugyo ebolavirus outbreak; published in Lancet ID, April 2015
  • J&J study phase II study testing Ad 26/MVA Ebola vaccines
  • Phase II Ebola vaccine study (RV456) began in 2017. This study was initiated by MHRP and will take place at all major MHRP sites in Africa.